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Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce By-Laws

Below is a synopsis of the amendments. To read the the amended By-Laws, click here

Summary of Proposed Changes:

  1. Location information updated to reflect virtual office.
  2. The paragraph on our purpose has not changed. However the paragraphs on objectives/goals has been updated to reflect our five core competencies.
  3. Board terms were changed from one-year introductory period and two, two-year terms, to one five (5) year term.
  4. Board of Directors limitations language has been updated to clarify that a chamber member firm may not have more than one (1) employee/owner serving on the Board of Directors at any time.
  5. Removal of a member of the Board of Directors by the Executive Committee was added to Director Vacancies.
  6. Nominating Committee’s timeframe for extending a Chair’s term was extended from June to June through September. 
  7. Duties of the President were updated to reflect that the President shall report at Board meetings and not be a voting member or have the power to vote. 
  8. Under Membership Termination, we have eliminated the automatic removal of a member who does not pay dues in 60 days.
  9. We have removed a lengthy description of the process by which a percentage of our membership could call for a “special meeting”.
  10. We have modernized the language regarding the nominating of board members and eliminated a lengthy description of a process by which members could contest the slate of directors proposed and put forth a new candidate for the board. 
  11. We increased the amount of time a director could request for a leave of absence from 3 months to 6 months.
  12.  The language was updated and clarified regarding how special meetings of the board are called ( the purpose of the change is to allow for an emergency meeting if ever necessary).
  13. The section on officers was heavily modified to include the combination of the offices of Secretary/Treasurer and to clarify the position of the President on the Executive Committee.  It was edited to allow for a two-year term of the Chairman if so determined in June of each year.

If you have any questions or comments about the Bylaws, please reach out to Kristen Miller at or 967.2500 x8.